The End of Interpretative pluralism?

An article appeared in New Scientist Magazine (17th November 2012 ed.)en titled ‘Getting all emotional: Computers are learning how abstract art moves us, and could use that to enhance their own masterpieces‘.

Here is a quote from it:

ECSTASY. Joy. Sadness. Despair. The sweeping lines and blocks of colour in abstract art prompt us to respond emotionally in ways that we do not really understand. Now computers are getting in on the act, and the results could add a new dimension to the weird world of artificial creativity.

The article describes a study whereby computers are able to predict what emotions are triggered by various colours and forms that may challenge the pluralist interpretative beliefs held by postmodern philosophy.

In response to this article artist Trevor Barton ( and Dr Christian Honey DPhil (Oxon) Institute of Biomedical Engineering have written the piece ‘Work of Art in the Age of A.I. and Neuroscience’.

See this link for PDF download:

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