Welcome to the official website of the international art movement ‘Intentism.’

Art and Museum named Intentism as “among the important art movements of the 21st century”.

Intentists include Professor of Philosophy Paisley Livingston, author of Art and Intention, and Professor of Philosophy William Irwin, author of Intentionalist Interpretation.

Prominent philosopher, linguist and social activist has described Intentism as “intriguing and imaginative… interested to learn more about these views, which I do sympathize with.”

Intentists have staged various exhibitions and have spoken at universities including the University of the Arts London.

A panel debate debating their beliefs was irganised at The Royal College of Art and their ideas have been cited in numerius books and university papers.

In 2009 their manifesto was published in Intentism – The Resurrection of the author.

The Call of Intent Trailer