Intentism Exhibition and Conference 2009

Big Breakfast by Luciano Pelosi. First exhibited at the Intentism Conference and exhibition 2009

Saturday the 24th October saw the very first Intentist Conference and exhibition in Soho, London.

It was well attended and eight Intentist artists exhibited some very interesting works.

Luciano Pelosi welcomed everyone and briefly explained why the role of intention in meaning has never been more discussed. He cited September 11th 2001 as a watershed moment that challenged people to ask questions related to intention.

Vittorio Pelosi then spoke about ‘Intention in Action’. Looking at several of the works various intentionalist visual practices were explained including ‘Palimpsestism.’

Soliloquy by Frank Sinatra 1946/65/95; edited by the Intentists
That Obscure Object Called Desire by Remodel

Intentism Exhibition :The Apricot Gallery, The Rag Factory 2011  

Intentism Exhibition and concert marking the release of Intentist group Remodel’s album Statues.

Album cover painted by Vittorio Pelosi