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Intentism – the Resurrection of the Author by Vittorio Pelosi

What is Intentism? What are its fundamental beliefs? Founder Vittorio Pelosi explains in this short essay.

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On The Death of The Author By Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter ( is course director of Byam Shaw School of Art, which is part of Central Saint Martins, London.

Stephen Carter participated alongside Intentism founder Vittorio Pelosi and Paisley Livingston (Academic Dean, Faculty of Arts and Chair Professor of Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong) in a debate around Intentionality and the Death of the Author at The University of Arts, London annual alumni Weekend in 2009.

(A podcast of the talks can be listened to under the Media hyperlink on this website.)

This essay is a very well thought out response to many of the questions surrounding Barthes infamous pronouncement. There is much here that Intentists would agree with and no doubt other areas that Intentists would take issue with.  It is recommended reading and the essay is now a new topic of debate in the Discussions section of this website.


The Work of Art in the Age of A.I. and Neuroscience

An article appeared in New Scientist Magazine (17th November 2012 ed.) entitled ‘Getting all emotional: Computers are learning how abstract art moves us, and could use that to enhance their own masterpieces‘.

Here is a quote from it:

ECSTASY. Joy. Sadness. Despair. The sweeping lines and blocks of colour in abstract art prompt us to respond emotionally in ways that we do not really understand. Now computers are getting in on the act, and the results could add a new dimension to the weird world of artificial creativity.

The article describes a study whereby computers are able to predict what emotions are triggered by various colours and forms that may challenge the pluralist interpretative beliefs held by postmodern philosophy.

In response to this article artist Trevor Barton ( and Dr Christian Honey DPhil (Oxon) Institute of Biomedical Engineering have written the following piece: The Work of Art in the Age of A.I. and Neuroscience.

The following essays represent some of the work concerning Intentions online.

They may not represent the views of Intentism.

1. MFA Ceramics, Painting & Sculpture @ UArts

Thoughts and comments from students and faculty in the MFA programs in Ceramics, Painting, and Sculpture at the University of the Arts.

  1. art and allusion

‘Aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds’  Barnett Newman

3.  Actual Intentionalism, Interpretation and Ethical Criticism.

Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 3, No. 2, August 2006
Matthew C. Braddock
Texas Tech University

4.  Constraints on Interpretation

Aesthetics and the Arts

John Benson’s lectures


5.   Review of The Death and Resurrection of the Author by William Irwin

Reviewed by Stacie Friend

  1. Why Intentionalism Won’t Go Away

Literature and the Question of Philosophy
edited by Anthony J. Cascardi (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1987)

Denis Dutton

7.  Beardsley’s Aesthetics

    Michael Wreen

8.  Conceptual Art

     Elisabeth Schellekens

9.  Speech Acts

Mitchell Green


Bjørn Ramberg and Kristin Gjesdal

12. Art as Aesthetic Production vis-a-vis the Artist’s Intention

by Emanuel L. Paparella