So there you have it. Remodel was one of the most innovative, stylish bands in the UK. A guitar band, but also a pop band in the sense of  the Who, The Smiths and blur.

Although the band has folded, as creative individuals they continue to work on their own projects and who knows whether one day various members might not work together with the Intentists on another project.

For now, all we are left with is a seriously impressive back catalogue.

You can keep the memory of Remodel alive in various ways:

Youtube have a Remodel Chaps channel with 12 videos including music videos, live performances and interviews.

You can listen to many of their best songs on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/remodel

or on their official website: http://www.theremodelchaps.com/ which also includes the excellent artwork for their released singles and reviews. There is an old but accessible wordpress blog: http://theremodelchaps.wordpress.com/  and lastly a frequently updated twitter account.

Long live Remodel!