Recommended Reading     


Intentist Publications


Intentism. Resurrection of the Artist By Vittorio Pelosi. (2009) An early essay on the principle beliefs of the movement.

The Search for Intentist Art. (2011) Edited by Adrian Haak, Jr.

A Collection of interviews with Contemporary Intentist Artists.

Intentism: The Interviews 2009-2012. (2016) Edited by Vittorio Pelosi. A collection of fifteen interviews with the most prominent voices in the intentionalist debate.

Introducing Intentism. Basic Theory and Practice. (2018) By Vittorio Pelosi. A simple guide to the movement.

Fake your way as an Intentist. Intentism for Beginners. (2018) By Vittorio Pelosi. 

Intentism: Public Debates 2009-2011. (2016) Edited by Vittorio Pelosi. A collection on panel debates at Chelsea College of Arts, London and The Royal College of Arts. 

Other Recommended publications that advocate intentionalism

Art and Intention: A Philosophical Study by Professor Paisley Livingston.

The Death and Return of the Author: Criticism and Subjectivity in Barthes, Foucault and Derrida by Sean Burke.

Aesthetics (Fundamentals of Philosophy) by Colin Lyas

Issues in Art and Education: The Dynamics of Now. By William Furlong

Intentionalist Interpretation. A Philosophical Explanation and Defence. By William Irwin.

Is there a single right interpretation? Edited by Michael Krausz

Interpretation and Construction by Robert Stecker