Focus on an Intentist: Week 2: Day 2: Govinda Sah ‘Hope and Horror.’

From The Himalayan Times:

KATHMANDU: Cloud sometimes is bright and sometimes dark. It has neither definite shape nor size. And when artist Govinda Sah Azad portrayed the clouds in his paintings, he depicted them in an even more abstract form — as a mysterious subject.
Except for a couple of semi-abstract paintings of The Moon series almost all the paintings of Azad are abstract. Merely two colours constitute his canvases where these colours are in stark contrast; one being rather bright while the other dim, if not dark.
Though dark colours like black chiefly dominate his paintings, bright colour emerges from few parts of the paintings. The dark part of his painting represents the gloomy side of life while the emergence of bright light symbolises hope. The bright light is the essence of his paintings.
Besides black and white colours, yellow is another colour preferred by the artist to make the paintings lively. Yellow colour depicts the transitional phase on the canvases. Through the painting titled ‘Mysterious Zone I’, Azad has portrayed a transitory moment of time when there is no presence of sun but still its pale rays are penetrating the dark clouds.
At the centre of his another painting ‘Apocalypse’ the artist has made a small black circular pit equal to the canvas’ thickness.
Looking like flames of fire or rays of light coming out of a dark circle the entire canvas is covered with tiny bubbles of water with some fragments of thin transparent clouds. “Looking at the cloud I went through it and searched for the centre of the universe which could never be found,” describing the same painting Azad said that with this painting he wanted to convey that conflict begins if one is self centred. “Cloud is nothing but the drops of water,” added Azad stating that the bubbles of water in the paintings also symbolise cloud.
‘Unfold Invention’ is a solo art exhibition of Azad, which was jointly inaugurated by Sarah Sanyahumbi, Head of DFID Nepal and Pratima Pande, President of Nepal Britain Society on November 8 at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal.
See more of Govinda’s work either on his personal website: or on the official Intentism website:

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