Intentist Art forms

Intentists are all interested in the relationship between art and intention.

There are three common approaches at present.

1. Palimpsestism, This is where the artist leaves some of the creative stages (including mistakes) of the editing process in the final work. There is, in effect, an intentional trail.

2. Anarrativism. Heidegger, Gadamer and many others viewed our understanding of a text as when there is a fusion of narratives between our own horizon and the text’s. However, texts are specifically linear and narrative. The plastic arts are often different as there is a much reduced order of viewing expectation established by the artist. In comparison with texts, they are anarrative.

3. Irony. Irony needs to compare the work with the creator’s intention.

See how the above theories manifest themselves in Intentist art by clicking on the following link:


Big Breakfast by Luciano Pelosi is an example of Ironic Art


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