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For the past two years, I used a reading in this course from Richard Eldridge’s Introduction to the Philosophy of Art. I dropped the reading for this time around–one of many casualties that came as a result of making room for adding Carroll’s Brillo book [On Criticism] to the syllabus.

Anyway, Eldridge had some very nice quotes about what an aesthetic understanding (= Barnard’s “understanding”; = Carroll’s “analysis”) is, which I thought I would share here, in hopes of further elucidating (ha ha) some of these concepts.

Since [artists’] problem situations, and especially problem situations of artistic work, can be complex, since the action of artistic making is frequently temporally extended, and since thoughts, reasons, plans, intentions, and so forth of the agent [i.e., artist] are formed out of publicly intelligible strategies, some articulated and some not, we need not and should not longer on worries about…

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